Pastor Steve Severance has dedicated his life to guiding people into a joyful saving relationship with Jesus Christ. His ministry objective is to connect people with God and with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, winning souls through creating a culture of evangelism in the church and emphasizing family ministry, prayer, and gospel-centered preaching.

Using These Sermons

These sermons are put up on the web for the inspiration of all who may come by. If they bless you please email me!

Some ways people have told me they use them are:

  • Devotional reading/listening
  • As a study aid
  • Give handouts to shut-in people who can’t attend church
  • When they need a sermon idea of their own
  • When they’re asked to fill the pulpit at church
  • I’ve been asked to post mp3s so people can listen on the go. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll work on that when I get time.

Please feel free to preach these sermons if you want. But if you do, it’d be nice if you’d give credit in some way (I normally just put a note in the bulletin or sermon handout when I borrow). And, of course, I’d love to know how and where you use them (it’s encouraging)! Unless otherwise noted, these sermons are copywritten by Steve Severance for my protection, but my intent is to let you use them in any reasonable manner that will uplift Jesus. Please contact me if you want to use them in a way other than I’ve listed (I’ll probably give permission but I’m curious so…). Please don’t plagiarize them or take them out of context in order to slander or misrepresent me or my church.

About Pastor Steve

Steve Severance was born in Sandy Oregon and has since lived in seven states. He did most of his “growing up” Pastor Steve and Heather Severance on the campus of Union College in Lincoln, New York and New Mexico.

When he was 14 years old he was part of a group who planted the East Mountain Seventh-day Adventist Church in Edgewood/Moriarty, NM. He began teaching the Children’s Sabbath School class on the first Sabbath that they met and soon discovered that God had called him into children’s ministry.

That same year he began volunteering for KSVA, A Christian Radio station in the Albuquerque area, which eventually turned into his first job.

After serving as the production manager, studio engineer and an announcer for KSVA, Steve was called into fulltime ministry. He graduated from Black Hills Missionary College of Evangelism in Hermosa, South Dakota in April of 2002. He served as Bible Worker for the Wichita South Seventh-day Adventist Church in Wichita, KS until November of 2003 when he was called to his first pastorate in the Valentine and Springview Seventh-day Adventist Churches. In April of 2008 the Severances moved to Beatrice, NE, where Steve is the pastor of the Beatrice, Fairbury, and Falls City Seventh-day Adventist churches.

On September 25, 2005 Steve married the former Heather Hardy of Westminster, MD. They are enjoying serving the Lord together in joint ministry.
Their Wedding Website

Steve is joined in his children’s ministry by his “friends” Mr. Guteeair (Pronounced GOO-tee-air), his guitar, and Skittles Jay Eelson Jr.T.J. Tucker, and Fred the Frog, his Ventriloquist dummies.

For more about (Uncle) Steve’s children’s ministry go to

1 John 5:11-13

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