In Favor of the Saints

12 Jan

Innate in the heart of fallen sinful human is a fear of God. We seem to have an innate understanding that we are sinful and that we will someday have to face judgment by a righteous God. We deal with that fear in many different ways. Some try to amass enough good works to make it through the judgment and convince God to let them into Heaven. Others form a god of their own imagination that will never judge. Some fill their lives with so many distractions that they have no time to think about the more sober things of life like judgment. Still others use evolution as a method of ridding themselves of God entirely; if there is no creator God then there’s no one to answer to. But I want to propose to you that the judgment is not something you need to be afraid of. In fact it’s something you should look forward to.

This Sermon was preached at the Joshua Crossroads Fellowship (The Cowboy Church).
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