Who Are You?

10 May

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Who Are You?5/10/08

Who are you? Most people would answer that question with their name, some might tell you of their occupation. But while your name and occupation may tell me a lot about what you like to do and how to address you they don’t fully answer the question, “who are you” or should I say, “what are you?”. The nature of mankind may not seem to be something that is of great concern to you, after all, you are human and can’t change that, but a misunderstanding of this topic has lead to many unfortunate problems. Prejudice, atheism (evolution), fear of ghosts, and many people hopelessly going through life not knowing where they’re going or what their point is, all these stem from not knowing “who you are”. So let’s see what our creator says about us.

Sorry the recording is a little messed up but you can still get the main point if you want to listen

For more, check out theĀ PDF handout andĀ listen to the sermon in real audio format.

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