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When God Disappoints

22 Mar

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What is the greatest disappointment you’ve ever had? Imagine dedicating years to following somebody, even against opposition, whom you believe to be the Son of God, only to have your hopes dashed. That’s what two of Jesus’ followers had to grapple with on their way home from the Passover in Jerusalem after Jesus was crucified. The Bible names one of these followers as Cleopas. It’s likely that the other one was his wife since they lived in the same house. Today we’ll see how a Christian can deal with disappointment.

Closing Hymn “My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less” (Hymn 522)

Key Passage: Genesis 50:20

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LP07: Two Feasts

01 Mar

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Lens of Prophecy Pt. 7 3/1/08


In Bible times, a feast was considered a very important event. If someone invited you to his feast it was a gesture of friendship and good will. To accept the invitation was to accept that man as a friend but to deny the invite was to reject the person as a friend. A denied invitation could even be considered an act of hostility. At the end of time there will be two great feasts; everyone will be present at one or the other. The invitation you choose to accept will be a life and death issue.

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Key Passage: Revelation 19:6-9, 19:17-21


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