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Mission: KIDS!

10 Nov

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Our Mission, KIDS!11/10/07

A family learns a new culture and language to share Jesus with other lands, we call them missionaries. A group of young people travels abroad to build churches and lead out in VBSs, we call them missionaries. A doctor leaves her successful American practice to extend the healing touch of Jesus through free medical help to those in need of it, we call her a missionary. A translator gives of his time and abilities to make sure people around him have God’s Word in their own tongue, we call him a missionary. A teacher gets up in front of an American classroom and teaches the Three R’s and so much more through a Christian Worldview, we call him/her a missionary—or at least we should! Our kids are the most fertile mission field on the planet!

Key Passage: Proverbs 1:1-7

For more, check out the PDF handout and listen to the sermon in real audio format.

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