1 + One = Infinity–The Story of David and the Giant

08 Sep

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1 + One = Infinity--The Story of David and the Giant9/8/07

In 1 Corinthians 10:11 Paul tells us that the reason God inspired the Old Testament stories to be written is for our admonition. This sermon is part of a series of sermons on the well-known Old Testament stories–Ancient Stories/Modern Lessons. I pray that God will reveal some new truths to us through these old, well-known, stories.

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What is two plus two? This is considered to be the most basic question in math. Everyone knows the answer. Another equation that seems to be very easy is 1 + One but as we will see the answer is not what you might think.

A Sermon on working with the Power of God.

Key Passage: 1 Samuel 17

For more, check out the PDF handout and listen to the sermon in real audio format

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