Noah’s Ark–Saved by Grace

15 May

1 Corinthians 10:11 tells us that the Old Testament stories were written as an admonition “upon whom the ends of the ages have come.” When we look at the world around us in light of Bible prophecy we can easily see that we are nearing the end therefore these stories have some direct applications to our lives.
This is the 3rd in a series of sermons on the well-known Old Testament stories. I pray that God will reveal some new truths to us through these old, well-known, stories.

Noah’s Ark–Saved by Grace 05/15/05
Key passage: Genesis 6:1-9:17

There is one story that Jesus said had special implications to the end times. Jesus said that just before He comes again people will be living in frivolity, ignoring the warning signs around them just like they did in Noah’s day.

This week we will find out how the Story of Noah and the ark is a picture of how God leads us to salvation.

Because of His grace God gave Noah all the provisions for his salvation but Noah had to obey God’s instructions or else he would have been in the same boat (or out of the same boat) as the wicked.
“Noah was saved by grace but he acted upon that grace by obedience.”

Just as with Noah, God has provided everything we must just accept it. God makes it clear that if you believe you must be baptized.

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