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1 + One = Infinity — David And Goliath

23 Apr

In 1 Corinthians 10:11 Paul tells us that the reason God inspired the old testament stories to be written is for our admonition.
With this sermon we start a series of sermons on the well-known Old Testament stories. I pray that God will reveal some new truths to us through these old, well-known, stories.

1 + One = Infinity — David And Goliath
“What is two plus two?” This is considered to be the most basic question in math. Everyone knows the answer. Another equation that seems to be very easy is 1 + One but as we will see the answer is not what you might think.

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I Can See Clearly Now!

09 Apr

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We live in a wonderful visual world. Everywhere we look there are amazing sites that our eyes can feast upon. Envision gazing at the vast rolling hills of Nebraska or watching water cascading down a cliff at Fort Falls. I enjoy looking out the window in an airplane and admiring the landscape stretching out for miles like a boundless patchwork quilt. Then there’s one-celled organism which can only be seen with the use of a powerful microscope. It’s like looking into a different world as you watch the flow of cytoplasm when the amoeba swims across your view.

Now think what it might be like to be blind. Imagine living in darkness all the time. Consider the social isolation, the rejection, the discrimination and the awkwardness with unfamiliar clutter you might experience day after day. Then one morning you meet Jesus and He floods your life with brilliance and color!

That’s exactly what happened to one blind man who lived almost 2,000 years ago. Through a bazaar miracle, Jesus not only restored this man’s sight; he also demonstrated how He can strengthen weak faith.

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Foot Washing

02 Apr

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Foot Washing4/2/05

Our bodies are an amazing creation. All over our bodies we have nerve sensors which are constantly picking up all sorts of data from the world around us. But if all these sensations were brought to our consciousness we would soon go crazy. So God has designed it so that we only consciously notice the sensations that are uncomfortable, different, or being thought about. All other feelings go unnoticed.

Just as your conscious won’t notice something your body has gotten used to your brain can do the same thing with things that we get used to doing like religious ceremonies. We can get so used to them that we forget the meaning that we are to find in them. This is not a good thing so today we will take a quick look at the meanings of one of the aspects of the Communion Service—Foot Washing.

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Key Passage: John 13:1-17

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