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Knowing God–The Trinity

27 Mar

Knowing God

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Throughout the centuries people have tried to explain God but every human interpretation of God has sadly fallen very short. This has caused many problems.

The animists in New Guinea spend their lives in constant fear, trying to keep the myriad of gods happy enough so that they don’t curse and or kill them.

Other so-called Christian groups have tried to fit God into human understanding by making a hierarchy: God, Jehovah, and then under Him are other little gods. Most of these religions teach in some way or another that WE are gods or can become gods.

One religion in America teaches that God, or Elohim and some woman gave birth to two sons, Jesus and Lucifer who later became Satan. So we have a good God and a bad god, both are equal in essence.

With all these different ideas how can we know what God is really like? And more importantly, how can we KNOW God?

This sermon deals with what the Bible, God’s self-revelation, teaches about God. We’ll look spacifically at the Trinity, or the Godhead.

Excerpt from this Sermon
Many illustrations have been thought up to illustrate the trinity but all fall short.

The Story is told of Augustine, commonly known as St. Augustine, who was walking along the beach one day considering the complexity of the doctrine of the trinity. So engrossed was he in thought that he almost stumbled over a child playing on the seashore. The child had dug a hole on the sand and was shoveling water from the ocean into the hole.

“What are you doing?” queried Augustine.

“I am shoveling all the water from the ocean into this hole.” Replied the child.

“Come on now, you cannot hope to fit all the water from that vast ocean into that small hole.” Replied Augustine

“And neither can you understand all about the infinite God in that small mind of yours.” Exclaimed the child.

In reality the doctrine of the trinity is only confusing to those who don’t want to accept that God in infinitely greater than our knowledge.

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