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Communion Sermons

27 Oct

Following is a list of the various Communion Sermons that have been preached at our church.

    Promise in a Cup:
    The Communion Service not only reminds us of God’s work of redemption on the cross. It also speaks of the culmination of that redemption—the Second Coming of Christ.

    The Communion Bread:
    A look at one of the many symbols in the communion service—the unleavened bread.

    A Worthy Manner:
    Jesus Himself instituted the The Lord’s Supper or The Communion Service on the night before He died. But after years of repeating this same ceremony, sometimes we tend to loose the meaning of it. Paul wrote a severe warning to those who partake of these sacred emblems in an unworthy fashion.

    In this sermon we look at the preparation we should take so that we can observe this ceremony in a worthy manner.

    Foot Washing:
    A look at the meaning of the foot washing portion of the Communion Service (also called the Ordinance of Humility)

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