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Created and Re-Created

03 May

Created and Re-Created
Many people have tried to deny the existence of a God. They know that if there is a God they cannot go on acting as if they are their own gods and living totally for self for if there is a God they will have to answer to Him some day. They don’t want to have to answer to God because deep down inside, when they are really honest, they feel guilty but don’t want to have to admit it (because of fear or pride) so they try to deny the existence of God. They live in denial.

But there is one big problem when you try to deny the reality of God. What do you do with His creation? So people came up with a new religion which we know today as “Evolution.” Evolution is the completely unproven idea that everything we see came to be through random chance and spontaneous generation. Even though the evidence overwhelmingly supports the Biblical theory of intelligent design people are so anxious to do away with God that they have embraced this wild tale and forced it into public schools calling it “science” and “history.” They have even gone so far as to combine skulls from a human and an animal, call it a missing link and publish it in school textbooks. Adolph Hitler said, “If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough the people will believe it.” He also said, “People are more likely to believe a big lie than a small one.” And indeed that is exactly what has happened when it comes to evolution.

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